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#1 L-Wolf



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Отправлено 22 Май 2018 - 22:39

I am a regular Subscriber to the Viral Times Newsletter on Dr Web. Some topics are more important than others' to myself although they are worth the educational read still. 

What I don't understand & maybe I have missed it somehow, is how this "Project"will allow for suggestions from readers' & whatnot. If you go to the bottom of the page on the Viral Times page, there is a list of trophies & way's to earn Points towards various Rewards. Yet there is nothing about being able to find any information about these elsewhere on the Dr Web Site. 

Is there a way to reach someone about getting more information? Where is this connection for making suggestions? How do we find more information? Прикрепленный файл  Screenshot_7.png   31,48К   0 Скачано разПрикрепленный файл  Screenshot_8.png   62,08К   0 Скачано раз


#2 sergeyko



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Отправлено 23 Май 2018 - 12:52

You better ask you questions in the anti-virus times pages. Leave a comment. I'm afraid nobody help you on this forum.

Sergey Komarov
R&D www.drweb.com

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