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Components of Dr.Web products 11.0 for Windows, Dr.Web KATANA 1.0, Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 10.0, Dr.Web 11.0 for MS Exchange, Dr.

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8 февраля 2017 года


Company «Doctor Web» informs about updating module Dr.Web Updater (, managing service Dr.Web Control Service (, collector information Dr.Web SysInfo (, a scanning service Dr.Web Scanning Engine (, anti-rootkit module Dr.Web Anti-rootkit API (, sniffing service Dr.Web Net filtering service (, Dr.Web Firewall for Windows (, module Dr.Web Firewall for Windows driver (, module Dr.Web Net Filter for Windows driver (, self-protection module Dr.Web SelfPROtect (, Dr.Web File System Monitor ( ) module Dr.Web device Guard for Windows (, Dr.Web Hypervisor module (, module protection against exploits Dr.Web Shellguard (, tips system Dr.Web tips (11.0. 3.01230) in a number of Dr.Web products and Dr.Web KATANA agent agent ( and managing service Dr.Web KATANA control service ( in Dr.Web KATANA 1.0. Update due to the addition of new features and bug fixes.


The change in the Dr.Web Updater (for Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite):


  • fix the problem you can not install the Agent on the protected station with off the server updating language for Dr.Web Agent for Windows.


The change in the manage services:

  • made correction to correctly display the status of anti-virus components in the Agent menu in user mode.


Changes in the Dr.Web SysInfo:

  • Eliminate the cause of the duplication of some files to generate reports;
  • implemented to collect information about plug-ins Dr.Web for MS Exchange and Dr.Web for Microsoft ISA Server and Forefront TMG;
  • Fixed an error that occurred when collecting official XML-file with information about the repository.


Changes in the scanning service:

  • optimized to work with memory;
  • Fixed incorrect handling of the parameters / aar: i or / can: i console scanner;
  • made correction to correctly display the Cyrillic name key file Dr.Web console scanner in the holder;
  • fixed a bug, because of which is not to dump at the end of the emergency service with a user account.


Changes in anti-rootkit module:

  • accelerated start system;
  • accelerate the launch of an application without access to the Internet;
  • fixed incorrect display of information about the certificate if it contains characters in UTF-8;
  • restored work correctly "Show icon in taskbar" (for Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite) option.


Changes in traffic interception service:

  • optimized test video traffic;
  • It eliminated an issue where it was impossible to test the functionality of a Skype, if this program was included in the list of exceptions SpIDer Gate Web antivirus checks on the condition of digital signature;
  • It eliminated the reason that in the actual presence of a network connection is installed on the protected PC Windows 10 RS1 signaled his absence.


The change in the Dr.Web Firewall for Windows:

  • Fixes in the update module.


Changes in the Dr.Web Firewall for Windows driver:

  • added support for working with the WSL-applications on computers running Windows 10 RS2 - the release of this version of Windows is expected in the near future;
  • eliminate the cause of a critical system error when connecting VPN-client;
  • Fixed a bug that caused the conflict with AdGuard module, which in turn caused problems connecting to Skype;
  • eliminated the problem of loss of Internet access after the start of the game Gears of War.

Change in Dr.Web Net Filter for Windows driver, Dr.Web device Guard for Windows, Dr.Web Hypervisor, Dr.Web Tips and Dr.Web KATANA Control Service:

achieved compatibility with the new Intel processors.



Changes in self-defense module:

  • amended in order to work correctly with the updated software Virtual Box (which, in turn, the developers of the error has been corrected). In the case of Virtual Box malfunction in connection with the updating of Dr.Web, Virtual Box you must update to the latest version;
  • eliminated the reason for blocking the removable disk when you turn on the option "Block removable media" if the disc is a system;
  • improved locking system emulating user actions: Now when blocking input devices when attempting remote access to windows Dr.Web and its icon in the taskbar to switch to other windows and unlock, you can use the standard keyboard shortcuts.


Change in Dr.Web Shellguard:

  • improved system of protection against exploits.


Changes in the Dr.Web KATANA Agent:

  • Fixed a bug that caused it to be able to add a set of rules for preventive protection for the application without specifying the path to it;
  • Fixed an issue that caused the fact that a license key has been inactive during the transition to the License Manager from the notification of the expired license.


Update will take place automatically, but will require a reboot.



Source: not published yet by Localization Department at Website.

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