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Components updated in Dr.Web 11.0 for Windows, Dr.Web KATANA 1.0, Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 10.0, Dr.Web 11.0 for MS Exchange, Dr.Web 11.0...

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January 10, 2017


Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated Dr.Web Scanning Engine (, the anti-exploit module Dr.Web Shellguard (, Dr.Web for Outlook Plugin (, SpIDer Agent for Windows ( and Dr.Web Control Service ( in a number of Dr.Web products. The update resolves known software issues and delivers upgrades.


Dr.Web Scanning Engine:

  • An issue that could sometimes prevent emails from being checked by the anti-spam has been resolved.


Dr.Web Shellguard:

  • A problem causing Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome to terminate abnormally if IBM Trusteer Rapport software was present in the system has been fixed.
  • A defect causing false positives when Adobe Acrobat Reader DC was in use has been corrected.


Dr.Web for Outlook Plugin:

  • A spam prefix can now include square brackets.



  • The “Data loss prevention” parameters now let users specify the maximum amount of disk space to be used for storage, the number of backups to keep, and the actions to be taken if the specified quotas are reached.
  • The Parental Control's black lists and white lists and the SpIDer Gate exceptions list now support regular expressions.
  • The context menu can now be opened in any input field.
  • The update also addresses an issue involving current license information being displayed in various application windows if no license information was specified during installation.
  • An issue that could prevent users from accessing the “Data loss prevention” settings has been resolved.
  • A problem that prevented the agent tray icon from maintaining its position has been fixed.
  • Issues that interfered with the Parental Control’s file and folder access settings being copied between user accounts have been resolved.
  • Also fixed was a problem that prevented “Data loss prevention” profiles from being deleted after all the settings were restored to default.
  • An issue that prevented Help from opening in various agent windows has been resolved.
  • Default notifications now include messages advising that the preventative protection has blocked access to an object.
  • Some adjustments have been made to ensure that IPv6 server addresses are recognised properly.


The Control Service:

  • The “Display adapter” and “Monitor” categories have been removed from the list of devices that can be blocked.
  • Certain limitations can now be defined for the ”Data loss prevention” feature.
  • An issue causing the service to terminate abnormally after resuming from hibernation has been eliminated.
  • Also eliminated was a problem that resulted in an error and the message "Windows. No Disk" being displayed during initialisation of a scan via a server.


The update will be performed automatically; however, a system reboot will be required.



Source: http://news.drweb.com/show/?i=11099&c=5&lng=en&p=0


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