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Doctor Web’s overview of malware detected on mobile devices in August 2016

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August 31, 2016

In August, Doctor Web specialists detected a Trojan for Android that displayed advertisements on top of running applications and the operating system interface. The Trojan could also buy software on Google Play and download it onto a device. In addition, iTunes was found to contain iOS software programs illegally using the Dr.Web trademark in their names.

  • The discovery of a new Android Trojan designed to show advertisements, and to buy apps on Google Play and download them onto a device.
  • The detection of fake Dr.Web for iOS applications on Apple iTunes.
Mobile threat of the month

At the beginning of August, Doctor Web specialists detected Android.Slicer.1.origin which, on the surface, appeared to be a benign application because it could execute functions specific to service utilities designed to improve a device’s operation. However, this Trojan was, in fact, a typical adware program designed to display advertisements on top of running applications and Android’s interface as well as on browsed webpages. In addition, Android.Slicer.1.origin could buy and download Google Play apps onto infected devices running Android 4.3. Find out more about this Trojan in our news article.


According to statistics collected by Dr.Web for Android


  • Android.Xiny.26.origin
  • Android.Xiny.43Trojans that get root privileges, copy themselves into the system directory, and then download various applications without the user’s knowledge. The can also display annoying advertisements.
  • Android.BankBot.75.originA Trojan designed to steal login credentials in order to access online banking applications. It also steals money from the bank accounts of Android device owners.
  • Android.HiddenAds.29.origin
  • Android.HiddenAds.14.originAdware Trojans spread in the guise of benign software by other malicious programs that, in some instances, covertly install the Trojans in the system directory.


Adware.WalkFree.1.originAdware.Leadbolt.12.originAdware.Airpush.31.originAdware. Batad.8Adware.Appsad.1.origin

An unwanted program module that is incorporated into Android applications and is responsible for displaying annoying ads on mobile devices.

Trojans for iOS

In the past month, Doctor Web security researchers found several fake Dr.Web for iOS applications on iTunes. The creators of those programs used Doctor Web’s trademark and corporate logo illegally. Although the bogus applications are not malicious, they are really of no benefit. You can learn more about this incident in our news article.

As before, attackers are engaged in ongoing efforts to compromise mobile devices by creating new malicious and fraudulent applications. Therefore, Doctor Web strongly advises users to download applications only from reliable resources and to make sure that a downloaded program is not a fake. Dr.Web for Android products can securely protect Android devices.

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