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Instrument security: Dr.Web appeared on computers JSC "SPC" CPR "" in Veliky Novgorod

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Отправлено 07 Сентябрь 2016 - 11:23

September 7, 2016


The company "Doctor Web" announces the start of the use of Dr.Web products in the computer networks of the branch of JSC "Scientific and Production Corporation" Precision Instrumentation Systems "" ( "SPC" CPR "") in Veliky Novgorod. Supply licenses implemented partner "Doctor Web" - the company Lan Office.


"Reliable and easy-to-use enterprise-class anti-virus system," - JSC "SPC" CPR "" about Dr.Web



JSC "SPC" CPR "" specializes in instrumentation for the needs of the military-industrial complex, and the importance of information security in this area is difficult to overestimate.
Novgorod branch of JSC "SPC" CPR "" committed to migrate to products group Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite for two reasons: they better meet the requirements for minimum load of client machines during a virus scan, and the license allows you to not pay for redundant functionality.


"Reliable and easy-to-use enterprise-class anti-virus system. Reducing the load there, at the same time decreased and downtime users. Assistance with deployment of Dr.Web is not needed, but if necessary, expect to receive support and in time ", - said Igor Goltsev, head of the branch of JSC" SPC group of computer technology "NGN". "



The priority directions of activity of the Corporation determined the development, production, testing, certification, implementation, upgrades, after-sales service, repair, maintenance and utilization of precision instrument systems including:

  • quantum-optical, opto-electronic and radio-optical systems of land, air, space and sea-based for the transmission of information, detection and resection of radiation when the military-space monitoring, measurements of motion parameters, photometric performance and imaging spacecraft, launch vehicles, boosters, as well as funds missile during field testing and monitoring of man-made disasters;
  • laser and radio systems ephemeris-temporal and metrological provision of space navigation and geodetic systems;
  • Geodetic and topographic complexes of various modifications and assignments;
  • specialized hardware-software complexes of automated information systems and managing systems





Russian : http://news.drweb.ru/show/?i=10163&lng=ru&c=5

English : as soon as possible!




“The security industry in that case becomes bullshit, because people believe in those products and use them in their corporate environments without understanding that those products are just following others,”  - Boris Sharov


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