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Dr. web agent blocking navigation

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#1 sadmintecm



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Отправлено 06 Июль 2016 - 17:34


I am testing the Dr. Web Enterprise Security Suite under windows.

What we are experiencing in the computers where the agent has been installed is a slow down loading web pages, up to 10 seconds since the installation.


In one of these stations the web surfing was blocked, I mean, the user can google but once he clicks on any link to open another web site it is impossible to navigate, a timeout in the request is shown after a while. Uninstalling the agent in this computer bring back brought back the computer navigation to its normal status, i mean, web surfing with no problem.


Is the slow down on the navigation normal?

How can I check the reason for this web blocking?


On the other side, in the log of the administration console there are hundreds of messages (severity Minimal) like this one "Sorry, processing error on XXXXXXXXX has been detected!". What does it mean?



Thank you for your comments on this topic.


#2 Mr.Pr



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Отправлено 22 Сентябрь 2016 - 12:22



yes indeed thanks them for their comments :D


dear Sadmintecm, i suggest you to open a support ticket and ask your questions, they will answer your questions as soon as possible ;) 

“The security industry in that case becomes bullshit, because people believe in those products and use them in their corporate environments without understanding that those products are just following others,”  - Boris Sharov


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