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Dr.Web for Android 7.0 released

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July 3, 2012The Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has released version 7.0 of its Dr.Web for Android, a product designed to protect mobile devices from viruses, spam, objectionable content and theft. The new version incorporates several new features, such as Dr.Web Cloud Checker and the ability to send false positive reports to Doctor Web.Dr.Web Cloud Checker inspects linked content loaded in the Android browser. As the user goes to an URL, the link is automatically transferred to Doctor Web's cloud service which determines whether the target site is safe or part of a category of resources that are not recommended for visitation. If the address is found in the database of undesirable sites, access to the page is blocked. Users can specify topic categories to which they want to block access. The anti-theft component incorporated into version 7.0 also enables them to specify a mail address to which an unlock code will be sent from the server, if necessary. In addition, it is now possible to simply disable this feature. In the new version, users can also send information about false detections and suspicious files to Doctor Web's anti-virus lab.Dr.Web for Android 7.0 can be downloaded from the official Doctor Web site or Google Play. To update the already installed anti-virus, users who have downloaded the package from www.drweb.com need to reinstall Dr.Web for Android. If downloaded from Google Play, the anti-virus will be updated automatically, If you are upgrading from a previous version and you're using the anti-theft, you will need to reconfigure it.

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