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the unlock thing ,, baaaadly need help

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#1 hnayef



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Отправлено 04 Август 2012 - 06:59

as usual i forgot the password and i have tried to send a SMS and bla bla bla

im the owner of the phone "galaxy note"

and i have the box and the "start guide' and even still have the headphone's "plastic things" you can see it below :)

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#2 Whispersmith


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Отправлено 06 Август 2012 - 09:53

hnayef, on the locked screen you have the link of the website https://antitheft.drweb.com/?lang=en and a special code which you must enter on the site https://antitheft.drweb.com/?lang=en .
So have you tried to do this?
If you tried and you said a report that you enter the incorrect code, please attach to this request a photo with the readable IMEI that shows up on one side of the phone's box and the photo of the locked phone's screen.

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