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Dr.Web for Mac OS X and Dr.Web for Mac OS X Server updated

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April 27, 2012
Doctor Web has updated Dr.Web for Mac OS X and Dr.Web for Mac OS X Server to version 6.0.3. The updated builds incorporate the Dr.Web Virus Finding Engine and virus databases 7.0. The 6.0.3 products support multi-thread scanning and boast improved stability and reliability, and other enhancements.
Dr.Web Virus Finding Engine 7.0 features new malware detection technologies, such as file structure entropy analysis and ScriptHeuristic which enables the anti-virus to detect and neutralize threats embedded in HTML and PDF documents. Another key advantage of the new engine is a manifold increase in scanning speed. The signature-based scan takes into account JavaScript syntax.
Version 6.0.3 applications support multi-thread scanning, which also greatly boosts scanning speed. The introduced curing routine for neutralizing active threats stops malicious processes and removes files required for their automatic launching. In addition, the anti-virus is able to neutralize malware, bypassing system file access restrictions. Deleting, moving, and restoring files in the Quarantine is faster now. E-mail files can now be excluded from the list of objects to be scanned. Fixes of known errors have contributed to the installer's greater stability. Dr.Web SpIDer Guard File Monitor uses fewer system resources. In addition, the program notifies the user about the availability of a new version. The optimization of the applications' architecture has improved their stability.
To update Dr.Web for Mac OS X and Dr.Web for Mac OS X Server to version 6.0.3, download the appropriate distribution from www.drweb.com and install the program over an existing installation or first remove the previous version.

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