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drwebnw in protected address spaces

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Dmitry Mityugov


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Отправлено 20 Февраль 2008 - 17:04


It's worth to note that anti-virus scanner drwebnw can be loaded into protected address space (with LOAD PROTECTED ... commands). In this case possible problems with the scanner will not affect other processes on this server and the operating system itself, and if the address space was created with restartable attribute, the operating system will restart the scanner if it crashes. You can load the scanner into protected memory and mark it as restartable with these commands:

load address space = drweb drwebnw
protection restart drweb

The program that updates anti-virus bases and other components of the scanner can be loaded into such protected address space as well:

load address space = drweb drwebupn

When loaded into protected address space, the scanner can use virtual memory of the server.

Attenton: in protected address spaces it is not possible to install hooks for file system functions. This means that the scanner loaded into protected memory will not be able to scan new and changed files on the fly, but will be able to perform scheduled and manually started scans.

Attenton: it is important to use drwebnw in protected address spaces together with last updates for NetWare. At the moment of writing this message, it is SP7 for NetWare 6.5

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