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В теме:Dr.web For Mac Os X + Security Space

19 Январь 2010 - 03:02

I have a question about this item - http://products.drweb.com/mac/compare/

One is Dr.Web for Mac OS X that is just for Mac OS X 10.4 or later for $32.26
The other one, about which I have a question, is Dr.Web for Mac OS X + Security Space for Mac OS X 10.4 or later, MS Windows 2000/XP/Vista (32-bit only) for $57.61.

Basically, for the second one is it Dr.Web for Mac OS X ($32.26) combined with Dr.Web Security Space ($41.36)? So I can have one antivirus in Mac and Security Space in Windows? Would it work with bootcamp? Or does it check Windows from Mac, since Windows HD is visible there? In other words is it the same as buying both Dr.Web for Mac OS X ($32.26) and Dr.Web Security Space ($41.36) for Windows separately? Would I get two serial numbers or just one that I can use in both OS, or would it be something completely different? I tried calling North America Dr. Web partners, but nobody knew how it works. Thank You.

Yes, it's the two combined. Yes, the Mac one would be for your Mac partition and the SS would be for your Windows partition and it should work without issue with Boot Camp. It is the same as buying them separately though this bundle package will save you some bucks. Imagine you should receive two serials because the Security Space does not even have to even be installed on your Mac (it can be installed on a PC).

This is how I understand it, but someone please correct me if I'm mistaken.