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Kenny HOH

Дата рег: 19 Май 2016
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Features Wishlist for Dr.Web Security Space?

26 Ноябрь 2016 - 08:12

I wonder if Doctor Web will gave the user to have a user wishlist to make the software more robust and better?

How to enable Teamviewer remote access in Security Space

26 Ноябрь 2016 - 07:56

Hi Experts


After installing Security Space, user unable to use Teamviewer for remote access. What setting in Dr.Web Security Space is required to enable the software to work?

Dr.Web AV for Ms Windows Server slowdown MS SQL processing for Accpac Accounting

31 Октябрь 2016 - 11:26



Client of mine is encountering problem after installing Dr.Web AV for Ms Windows Server. The server hosted a Accpac Accounting software and running on Ms SQL Server on Ms Windows Server. After installing Dr.Web on the server, the software access and printing request from the desktop application slowdown tremendously from average 1 minute to 10 minute and above. Is there any particular settings we need to set for MS SQL Server in the Dr.Web software?

Error Problem with Ms Word and Ms Excel after installing Dr.Web SS 11

06 Октябрь 2016 - 19:45



After completing installation of Dr.Web SS, I encounter the following problem with Microsoft Word and Excel. For Ms Word, Dr.Web pop out the following message "Execution of unauthorized code is blocked" and Ms Excel with the following message from Excel Error Pop Out Message "Microsoft Excel has encountered a problem and need to close"


I uninstall the Dr.Web SS and the two application back to normal. 




Client is running a legitimate Ms Office and Ms Windows License .


Can some expert can shed some idea how to solve it? Don't ask me know to put these 2 application in software rules for 

AV-Desk - Scanning

19 Май 2016 - 08:47



I am facing difficulties when the AV-Desk start to perform scanning automatically, the CPU spikes and it consumes more than 500MB of memory and it is disturbing my computer operation (even when I am typing this message). During the whole process, I am unable to type as the application windows often (or frequently I should say) is become non active screen. As if there is another application is running on top of the screen. I have to keep clicking the page so that it become active and allowing me to continue typing. This is very annoying. 


furthermore i have the impression that DrWeb is very light, it seems like it does not. Please assist. What are the information required to help me to overcome this problemПрикрепленный файл  av-desk1.jpg   78,46К   0 Скачано раз