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Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate updated

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May 14, 2012
Doctor Web has released Dr.Web for Qbik WinGate 6.00.1. The updated build incorporates the Dr.Web Virus Finding Engine and virus database version 7.0, the latest version of the Scanning Engine service and other improvements.
Dr.Web Virus Finding Engine 7.0 features new malware detection technologies, such as file structure entropy analysis and ScriptHeuristic which enables the anti-virus to detect and neutralize threats embedded in HTML and PDF documents. Other key advantages of the new engine are a manifold increase in scanning speed and dynamic memory allocation that takes into account system performance and current load. The signature-based scan takes into account JavaScript syntax.
In addition, the anti-spam adds the Dr.Web-SpamREason field containing the e-mail's spam score to the headers of unsolicited messages. A minor issue that caused errors when checking traffic has been resolved. An issue where the wrong path to updated virus databases was written into the Dr.Web's ini file has also been resolved.
To install Dr.Web 6.00.1 for Qbik WinGate, you need to remove the current version manually and use the updated distribution to install the latest version.

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