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Dr Web Mac

12 Март 2019 - 09:14

Hello , recently after upgrading to the last version of DrWeb for Mac I started to get a ton of this types of popups , I dont know if they are false positives or not but they are very annoying :) if they are not falsepositives is there a way to disable the notification bubbles ?






20 Март 2010 - 00:57

Hello everybody:

I have a small problem, i just renew my license of Drweb space to Space Pro 32bits and my windows 7 ultimate shows an alert
Windows Firewall and Drweb Firewall both report that they are turned off

when i click View firewall options it shows

I will turn on Dr web firewall myself

but drweb firewall is actually running

thanks for reading

-26,215 870,631 2009-12-21 20:27

22 Декабрь 2009 - 08:06

I would like to know why Dr web removed this huge amount of signatures

Signature Updates

19 Август 2009 - 02:30

i have this problem already many months ago, whenever there is a signature update my computers [2] freeze for few seconds maybe 2 or 3
Windows XP Pro SP3 2G Ram Intel Dual Core [IBM]
Windows XP Pro SP3 2G Ram Intel N160 [HP]

any help is welcome

Chinese Trojans

04 Май 2009 - 20:50

1 File Trojan
7 files Trojans