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How To Use The Bug Report In Drweb Live Cd

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Отправлено 22 Август 2010 - 16:02

Usage: bugreport [you_email@drweb.com] [-n bug_number]

bugreport collects information about your computer and the results of the system.

After launching the editor, where it would be good to describe the problem.

Ctrl-Shift - switch layout for Russian
Ctrl-X - the completion of the editor
as a parameter bugreport-a may provide your e-mail, then the text
that you typed, will come to you. This is to ensure that the text can be copied to
bugtracker and not to fill again.

In graphical mode, instead of the editor is started
e-mail client sylphead.

Further attempts to send information by mail
if the network is not up, we must take the file / tmp / bug_report.tar.gz
and copy it to disk: cp / tmp / bug_report.tar.gz / win / C \:

or the stick: cp / tmp / bug_report.tar.gz / win / D:

flash memory card be mounted automatically to the directory / mnt / disk /,
so the same is windows-like link directory / win

Then reboot the local system and send it to me already
on livecd-bugreport@drweb.com or put it in bagtreker ( http://bugs.drweb.com ).

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