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Exchange VS Gateway Protection

18 Апрель 2008 - 13:46

Hi all :)

I am a Tech Support guy for a small company thats what they pay me as but I am supposed to be a systems admin when something goes wrong :(

I will tell you why I am here first off I got a bad virus...I went to snapfiles.com to find a cleaner I dont like virus scanners at all really they are to intrusive on my laptop....but at work I make sure the others all have Nortons etc I personaly use firewalls / rootkit revealers etc and if I get infected from looking at the wrong sites I head off to the free cleaners

I dowloaded cureit and I liked it...so I bought the personal version of Dr Web

and I like it ...but my Question is Im interested in 2 products....exchange protection and Gateway Protection....at the moment all exchange viruses seem to go the the bad mail folder..we also use a spam filter company in the US...that more or less blocks these....Im more interested in the gateway blocker....can any one recomend this or give a review on what they think?