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Forum Terms & Conditions

General Information

The Doctor Web, Ltd. Forum serves the following purposes:
  • Discussion of news, related to the Dr.Web anti-virus
  • Communication between present and potential users of the Dr.Web anti-virus, regarding topics related to the Dr.Web anti-virus
  • Troubleshooting for the Dr.Web anti-virus with participation from both forum members & employees
  • Communication of Dr.Web anti-virus beta-testers about all issues arising during testing of products under development.
Rules of Conduct

Our Forum hosts a wide range of different people with different backgrounds of ethnicity, aswell as different ages, computer skills level, occupations, education, religious beliefs, and countries, all of them having their own manner of expressing their opinions and communication. With this in mind, we respectfully ask you to follow simple recommendations when exchanging messages on the Forum:

1. Be polite to each other (use polite forms of speech, do not insult others or reply with rude comments);

2. Do not create topics with generic titles that give little information like "Question", "I've got a problem", "What to do?", etc. Try to give precise and comprehensive titles to your questions. This will help Forum members react faster to your issues, and therefore create a greater possibility that you will get a positive reply;

3. When posting logs on the Forum, delete all information regarding your license key information to maintain confidentiality;

4. Do not post files with malicious code (viruses) or post links to virus sources or web-sites containing malicious code, these must be reported using our submission form.

5. Do not disclose any personal information, such as passwords or serial numbers of any commercial products etc. If necessary, describe your problem to the Support Team using our request form;

6. Do not post meaningless messages such as "bla bla bla", "RTFM" or "+1". These offer zero help to the forum or its members.

7. Advertising in 'any form' is prohibited;

8. Any groundless accusation or discrimination of any kind including inappropriate statements referring to Doctor Web, Ltd. or Forum participants, will be censored immediately;

9. Any abusive comments referring to competitors' products or competitors' employees will be censored immediately;

10. Flame, flood, trolling, and other inappropriate actions are not welcomed.

Although Dr.Web, Ltd. employees do take part in the Forum, they are not 'obligated' to reply to all questions from users to solve your problems. Solve Technical Issues by addressing Support directly. If you would like to express your suggestions on how we can improve our company's service, or wish to offer interesting ideas or constructive proposals, please use our feedback form.

Take Proper Care

In reply to your questions, you may receive suggestions & comments from both professionals experienced in the matter and unskilled novices. Please take forum advice with a grain of salt, always refer to your own experience.

Remember: operating system re-installation, hard drive formatting are extreme measures which a specialist is unlikely to advise.
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