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Dr web - macOS X

15 Ноябрь 2017 - 05:17



Can you help me with this errors:


- spider gate - error 1

- spider guard - error 125


Dr.Web Virus-Finding Engine:



Please help, I want to buy to license for windows and macOS(first for macOS because is my daily use).




Have a nice day!

Help - license error

05 Ноябрь 2014 - 23:10




I have a problem with my Dr Web SS 10...I applied for a trial license, but i recive this error(pic): + error 107


I installed in a fresh copy of windows 7 pro x86 (original) same problem.


I installed now after a clean uninstall of another antivirus but same result.


How to buy a license for it without testing it ?


If my problem will be sloved i will buy a license for it. I like Dr Web because is: light, good detection, very good to remove viruses from computers.




Have a nice day!