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What is Program.Unwanted.3985 and how to resolve it?

15 Май 2019 - 12:54



This is Justin with Easeware. The developer of Driver Easy.


We notice that DrWeb is reporting Driver Easy as Program.Unwanted.3985 in VirusTotal since last month.




After we reported false positives on https://vms.drweb.com/sendvirus/?lng=enfor many times, this issue is still unresolved because the reply we got after  submitting is always "Greetings, Your request has been analyzed. This is not a false positive.Thank you for the cooperation". And there's no replies from DrWeb after that, although we've sent many emails to DrWeb.


So I have to writing to you in this forum because we were unable to resolve this issue through the standard ways you offer. I appreciate your kind understand.


Would you please tell me the definition of Program.Unwanted.3985? We're more than willing to cooperate with the Dr Web technical team to resolve this issue. Please tell us what we did wrong and we will fix the problem as fast as it is technically possible.


If possible, we also want to know who we should contact to resolve this problem. Thanks in advance!


Have a great day!