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В теме:What is Program.Unwanted.3985 and how to resolve it?

16 Май 2019 - 13:42


1-st of all, please calm down and stay cool. :) Program.Unwanted is a class of potentially unwanted programs, NOT a viruses and Dr.Web doesn't treat such progs as a viruses/trojans. Yes, this is not a false positive. We believe that any critical software, such as device drivers, should be downloaded only from the official sites. If the program downloads something unknown from unknown places, then it can be ranked as unwanted. And we are obliged to warn our users about this. Unfortunately you can't resolve this issue, IMHO... Sad but true.


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Hi Dmitry_rus, thanks for your quick response! Sorry for my late reply.


We now clearly know Why Dr.Web regards our application as Pramgram.Unwanted.3985 BUT we still believe it is due to some misunderstanding that Dr.Web lists Driver Easy as PUA.
Driver Easy uses only genuine drivers, straight from the hardware manufacturer. So they’re exactly the same drivers you’d find if you sourced them from the manufacturer yourself. The big difference is we thoroughly test them – on hundreds of computers, with all the most popular combinations of hardware and software – before including them in Driver Easy. Most are also officially certified by Microsoft as ‘Compatible with Windows’ – if their manufacturers chose to put them through Microsoft’s rigorous Windows Hardware Quality Labs testing process. (And the drivers for Windows 10 are required to pass Microsoft WHQL tests by default.). For more details, please see https://www.drivereasy.com/driver-easy-certified/
After users scan for driver updates in Driver Easy, on the scanning result screen, Driver Easy will identify if the driver passed Microsoft WHQL tests or not. As you can see in the screenshots below:
When they're going to install the updated driver files using Driver Easy, Windows OS will also perform further verification on the drivers before updating.
When users install non-WHQL-Class Driver Packages, Windows will display a Windows Security warning dialog box:
As you can see in https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/ff547534(v=vs.96), Windows has considerations that apply when users install non-WHQL-class driver packages on Windows Vista and later versions of Windows.
For many users, it's time-consuming to find and download the correct updated driver files from the official website of the hardware manufacture, especially for the users who don’t have the time, patience or computer skills. When they need to update their drivers, the free version of Driver Easy is a good helper to them, because with the free version of Driver Easy, they can download the correct drivers with just 1 click and they can manually install those drivers with the built-in Device manager in Windows OS.
Sir, we do believe it's due to some misunderstanding that Dr.Web lists Driver Easy as PUA. And this issue can be easily resolved if you can tell us who we should contact to resolve this problem. We can resolve this issue if we work together. Thanks in advance!
Have a nice day!