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DrWeb 8 (Win7x64) slows down the computer dramatically

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#1 lolmegafroi



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Отправлено 01 Февраль 2013 - 17:30

Hi there,


a couple of days I updated from DrWeb Security Suite version 7 to version 8.

Everything became a hell slower, many programs became unusably slow, sometimes programs stopped responding and killing them was impossible... only a Windows restart could help...

The system partition runs on an SSD and file access should be WAY faster!!!

Now i uninstalled the suite and the systems runs smoothly again...

Sorry guys, but this really disappoints me...

Also, spider gate reported that there were connections blocked during system start. The popup allows to show details or remind later... clicking "Details" resulted in half a minute waiting for the UAC dialog and then nothing happens...

I cannot wait half the day hoping that something will eventually happen...

Is the upgrade part of the problem?

Does anyone else experience a dramatic slow-down??

#2 pig



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Отправлено 01 Февраль 2013 - 18:46

Have you obtained up-to-date installation pack of DrWeb Security Suite version 8?
Почтовый сервер Eserv тоже работает с Dr.Web

#3 duncan3



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Отправлено 27 Июнь 2013 - 20:41

I have in the past I have had some actions blocked but they were stopping actions by programs to access the internet without permission. from me. I am sure that Dr.Web should run first to stop any virus etc from reaching the internet. But Dr.WEB  has done a good job of isolating them so they no longer bother me.

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