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The function "antitheft" blocked the mobile device platform Android. How do I can restore access?

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Try to restore access yourself using the trusted number.
When you configure the "antitheft" you have been asked to add a contact to your buddy list. If you followed the recommendations and the list of friends has at least one number, follow these steps:

1. Turn off the device.

2. With the numbers marked a friend's number, send a text message number: #resetpassword# (signs of "grid" are mandatory.)

3. Turn on the device. "Antitheft" will be disabled, the password will be reset.

If it does not work:
Unlock is possible only after giving the user the following documents proving ownership of the mobile device:
Photo boxes / packaging device readable IMEI.
Check on the acquisition device.

It is also the cause of the invalidity of the password can be a problem with input and DeviceID. In this case, do the following:
1. If you are sure you enter the correct password, be sure not to use the keyboard. To do this, click on the screen in the password field and hold for about five seconds. A menu appears that allows you to select the input method. Select the keyboard Android and try again.
2. If this does not help, please report:
- Displays a message on the screen lock DeviceID = (if displayed - Use this value)?
- If you took the installer package from the disk - specify the date the file drweb-600-android.apk, located on the disk.
- Do not change IMEI (it is after the repairs). In the event of a change IMEI repair shop after the tag on the label with the new IMEI number of the old. Also, the changes are reflected in the warranty card

We must make sure that you are the owner of the device

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