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Anti-virus service for residents of Zheleznogorsk

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Отправлено 27 Август 2009 - 03:00

August 27, 2009

In summer 2009 ZhelGorTeleCom continued series of Dr.Web AV-Desk deployments in Kursk region by making the anti-virus service available to residents of Zheleznogorsk.

With Dr.Web AV-Desk ZhelGorTeleCom placed an impenetrable barrier in the way of malicious objects aiming to infect computers in the provider’s network. The anti-virus service has brought the age of virus-free tranquility to customers, their computers and the provider whose engineers no longer need to divide their working time between attending their daily work and supporting customers that fell victims of virus attacks. Now Dr.Web anti-virus service takes care of malware.

Subscribers of ZhelGorTeleCom can sign up for the service in their personal area at the provider’s web-site. They are offered several subscription packages that meet different requirements to anti-virus security. With automatic monthly renewal it enables customers to choose how much they want to spend on an anti-virus and when.

“We’re not just introducing a new service but believe that Dr.Web AV-Desk will help us solve the virus problem once and for all. It will reduce the workload of our helpdesk and free network bandwidth and hardware resources consumed by malicious traffic”, Alexander Petrunin, the deputy head of ZhelGorTeleCom said.

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