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Some considerations

11 Октябрь 2016 - 13:12

Hello, I've evaluated Dr.Web one month on my Windows PC.

I've found two points that could be enhanced and that prevent me to purchase the license.

The first one is the big amount of false positives.

When DrWeb find a generic encrypted/obfuscated installer it marks as trojan or downloader or somewhat similar.

An antivirus that marks all as potential virus/trojan seems that could have problems in real time protection.

Just as example it's a behaviour totally different from Webroot that permits presence of some virus or issues on hard disk and that is able to avoid infections when they runs.


The other feature I find almost not "smart" (and useful) is the SSL inspection functionality.

If I enable this feature ALL SSL communications are intercepted from DrWeb.

Obviously there is a BIG difference intercepting an email client that connect to an email server (the same any time) where to accept an SSL exception one time certificate is acceptable.

Another thing is to intercept https connections forcing users to accept man-in--the-middle certificates also for banking or payment websites.

I will never enable ANY software to analyze data that flows from my browser and my bank website, so I (and I'm sure also many users) keep disabled the SSL filtering due to the https presence (very strange function).

Filter SSL connections has a meaning in email messages that are the FIRST source of virus diffusions, but filter https connections it's the first time I find on a Desktop software and also on corporate firewalls.

So I suggest to create two separate switches for SSL filtering, one for email connections and one for https connections.


Apart for these two points I think that DrWeb is a very complete software very well done.

Actually I've paid licenses for Norton Security Deluxe, Webroot, BitDefender, Bullguard so I'me not so pressed to purchase another license.

But I will monitor DrWeb in future because I think that one of most interesting products in this field.