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Dr.Web Anti-virus now compatible with Windows 7

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#1 News Robot

News Robot

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Отправлено 03 Сентябрь 2009 - 03:00

September 3, 2009

The Russian anti-virus vendor Doctor Web announced the release of updated Dr.Web products for Windows. The update provides compatibility with Windows 7 and adds several improvements to Dr.Web for Windows.

The release of Windows 7 due October 22, 2009 is expected to become an event of significance for all users worldwide. Providing compatibility of Dr.Web anti-virus products with the new operating system from Microsoft aims to meet a future high demand for reliable anti-virus software for Windows 7.

In the face of the upcoming release of the new operating system Doctor Web developers had to solve a number of difficult tasks in particular to make the self-protection technologies of Dr.Web for Windows compatible with the security system of Windows 7. A lot of effort was put into perfection of Dr.Web Shield that eventually gave users a unique anti-rootkit tool. The anti-rootkit’s access subsystem no longer relies on functions provided by an operating system meaning that it won't be blocked by a rootkit Now Dr.Web anti-virus is even more efficient at performing the main function of any anti-virus – curing infections.

“New self-protection and anti-rootkit technologies created by Doctor Web programmers to counter most widely spread and dangerous malicious programs will surely be included in all Dr.Web products supporting Microsoft Windows starting with Windows 2000 as well as in our free CureIt! and the new product for curing in local networks Dr.Web CureNet! that will be released in the nearest future", general-director of Doctor Web, Boris Sharov commented.

Low system requirements, efficient curing (including curing active infections), unique detection technologies such as Origins Tracing and FLY-CODE, HTTP-monitor are among numerous features making Dr.Web solutions very popular with Windows users. All features of the Dr.Web engine 5.0 are now also available to users that will choose the new operating system.

Read more about the update of Dr.Web for Windows here.

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#2 perceval



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Отправлено 05 Февраль 2010 - 09:02

I personally do not like to use Dr.Web Antivirus because I find that it is very heavy in system resource, slow scanning speed and low detection rate.
Windows 7 Help

#3 userr


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Отправлено 05 Февраль 2010 - 12:57

I personally do not like to use Dr.Web Antivirus because I find that it is very heavy in system resource, slow scanning speed and low detection rate.

Your proofs? Your logs? Your settings?

From my experience Dr.Web Antivirus is very light in system resources, has high enough scanning speed and high detection rate.

#4 drumut



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Отправлено 05 Февраль 2010 - 14:17

Even on Intel Atom n280 processor with 2 GB RAM, believe me or not, it is the lightest security suite also i use security space pro from sometime. First you need to discover your software and customize it for your computer, there are some important settings in it, i recommend to read help file first.
OS : Debian Sid , all i have all i need!

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