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Dr.Web webinars, is there any calender?

19 Декабрь 2018 - 21:33



so i've seen Dr.Web had some webinars ( in English language ) i was in one of them i got the link for webinar from one of DrWeb local partners.

but is there anywhere on website so we can see the calender of webinars or even seminars that DrWeb will talk there ?

i found this one in which belongs to 2months ago but yet i couldnt find it anywhere on the website either..  just don't want to miss the future ones :D





is it secure to use Torrents? specialy private ones?

29 Июнь 2017 - 22:58


well the question is clear,


just recently i received some invite from some of my friends to some of the best private torrents for tv series and movies ..




and 2-3 more


so as i heard, they have really hard rules and great monitoring on their files and users/uploaders

but still, i want to know how are they safe-to-use ? of course they are not legal, but that's not a problem at least IMO, i'm just worried about that one of these typicaly days i'm downloading one of my favorite tv shows and i'll get Petya or WannaCry instead of my tv show..

is that possible with all that monitoring in private torrents?

what DrWeb thinks about that? O_o 

Hi - question about the last update

04 Апрель 2017 - 11:29


this is the last Dr.Web component update https://news.drweb.com/show/?i=11230&c=5&lng=en&p=0


but i didn't receieved it yet, and also no reboot request from Dr.Web Secrutiy Space.. O_o 

How-To prevent/stand against DDoS attacks with Dr.Web Firewall

17 Март 2017 - 00:45

Hi. could you please provide an article or just explain here how we can do that by Dr.Web Firewall?

i found a similiar article belong to SOPHOS Firewall: https://community.sophos.com/kb/en-us/123182





Dr.Web may need to check how are working some of it's staffs

16 Март 2017 - 00:37

Hello , Greetings Igor Daniloff and also the other friends who are reading this.

i hope you are having a good day.


well my topic title could be like a complaint but it's not really, i'm just a user ( of course i like Dr.Web more than just a normal user :D ) who love to see Dr.Web are improving, as it's supervisors and CTO & CEO are doing their best to make Dr.Web the best, i'm trying to send some good( at least IMO ) suggestions to help them in their way, i found a weakness in Doctor Web IMO.


those friends who their jobs are handling the feedbacks and Suggestions ( all customers have an option in their panel called: Your suggestions on how to make Dr.Web better you know for sure ) IMO are not working right, i don't know how is it's process...BUT i do know something that these feedbacks and Suggestions are important for Dr.Web heads and also for Dr.Web own sake, the problem is here , whenever i sent a suggestions i didn't got an answer even my status didn't changed to Acknowledged! it will remains to New( which means no one seen it ), in the end after 6-7 days i'll have to send another reply to that ticket so maybe someone take a look at it ! i hope you undrestand what i'm trying to say! suggestions are not something that customers need to force you to hear that! for example just about 7-8 days ago, i sent a suggestion, now after 7 days, it's status still is New ! ( i had suggestions which was ignore for more than a week too )


or another example i can bring, i and Sergeyko one of your/Dr.Web SuperVisors had a problem in some topics ( i don't want to discuss about that who was right in that discuss the main problem is something else here ) in forum, i submited a feedback or suggestion i don't know exactly but it created as a ticket so i guess it was suggestion, anyway i explained my complaint from him, and something surprised me, after almost 3-4 days still no one read that ! BUT him, Sergeyko was aware of that and he readed the ticket, no one answered to that ticket, finally i had to close that ticket BUT please noticed that, a complaint sent to the company, no one answered, SuperVisor read that by the way, isn't it weird? did he told the guys to do not answer that? or ignore that ? i don't know but something is clear that Doctor Web needs to watch its SuperVisor and other staffs behavior and actions.


at the end, Please noticed that these are just some examples that i seen, for tell you that Something is wrong with the guys who read the Suggestions/Feedbacks, these are not forwarding to you. no one answer us excpet the kind Tech Support guys, somethings needs to attention at the Company, and i did my best as a customer for you, i just let you know what  i've seen as weaknesses in Doctor Web.  Have a Great Day!