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is it secure to use Torrents? specialy private ones?

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#1 Mr.Pr



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Отправлено 29 Июнь 2017 - 22:58


well the question is clear,


just recently i received some invite from some of my friends to some of the best private torrents for tv series and movies ..




and 2-3 more


so as i heard, they have really hard rules and great monitoring on their files and users/uploaders

but still, i want to know how are they safe-to-use ? of course they are not legal, but that's not a problem at least IMO, i'm just worried about that one of these typicaly days i'm downloading one of my favorite tv shows and i'll get Petya or WannaCry instead of my tv show..

is that possible with all that monitoring in private torrents?

what DrWeb thinks about that? O_o 

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#2 Dmitry_rus



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Отправлено 29 Июнь 2017 - 23:20

If you've downloaded something like movie.avi.exe :) and run it.... think what you'll get. Torrent-files (*.torrent) are safe in most cases.

#3 Gwebron



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Отправлено 17 Декабрь 2017 - 20:47

I don't see any issues that would convince me that it is insecure! I always download games and films via Torrent and until that moment I have had no problems with it! 

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