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CryptXXX 2.0 (Trojan.Encoder.4393) Decryption - Doctor Web decryption service

11 Июль 2019 - 21:02

Dear Dr web Team. 
Could you please give information on your Doctor Web decryption service about "Cryptxxx 2.0 ransomware" or Trojan.Encoder.4393.
I would like to know if your anti-virus is able to decrypt all the files on the infection of the "Cryptxxx 2.0 ransomware". 
Is it able to decrypt all files ? 
Is it capable of retrieving the master encryption password (of all the encrypted files), or just the password of each file individually crypted ? 
How long does it take to run ? Is this per file or for the master key? 
How much does it cost the service? Are there any discounts ? 
Thank you