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CureIt's setup.exe crashes at ntdll.dll

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Отправлено 28 Октябрь 2008 - 02:57

* I did purposefully installed prcview once, now I uninstalled it.

* AVG driver was active during rootkit scan, but it has nothing to do with CureIt memory fault. Even in safe mode is there 10 or 11 core processes in memory, CureIt dumps.

* I acknowledge that there can be a virus or rootkit, I am not ruling out that possibility, if that is the case people think from my posts, I am sorry.

* I uninstalled my harddrive and scanned its %windir% and %program_files% directories only, by another PC, using CureIt of course. Nothing came up. It would take a long time to scan all the drive. I will do a full scan as a last resort.

* Sometimes I can not login to my notebook, a blue screen saying "Windows logon process system process terminated unexpectedly" with error values c21A and 0000005 displayed. After restarting and resorting to last known good configuration the problem goes away. Maybe this is related with my problem, I hope it helps.

Thanks for your time.

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