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Дата рег: 15 Сен 2010
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Av Desk Issue In China

15 Сентябрь 2010 - 04:38

Hi, I am a Chinese avdesk user, but recently my avdesk cannot update as normal so I sent a email to your Chinese service support@drweb.com.cn.( BTW,my avdesk is called Fu Yun version here,equal to the security space with limited service but lifelong virus update. ). The reply is quick, but only a link to ask me to download the programme and install it again. No explanation, no othe details like how long it can be used etc. Just a link! So I have to unstall my previous avdesk, and then install it. Unfortunately it is not a Golden version, but a Green one, equal to the antivirus standard. So I sent a email to ask them reason and solution, but no reply. Several days later, I followed another email, still no reply. I am quite upset :) for your Chinese partner.Please help to resolve the issue.

Thank you very much.