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В теме:Dr web - macOS X

05 Февраль 2018 - 13:37


As Paul.R wrote above,



at the end I needed to give Dr. Web sufficient privileges but i miss click that.
Probably you have the same issue.


Yes is the same issue, but "i miss click that" theres no button for "click that"

Maybe someones can tell me wheres that button? or how add privileges to the application.


anyone know what means that errors? error 125 on spider guard and 1 in spider gate.

or where i can find an error list, I do not care if it's in Russian.

В теме:Dr web - macOS X

04 Февраль 2018 - 12:11

Hi i have the same error.

I have install Dr web for Os X


Dr.Web Virus-Finding Engine:


Spider Guard error 125

Spider gate error 1


My version of Mac Os X is 10.7.5


I stop and start the services and do the same, i have try reinstalling but the same.

Are connection errors?


Any idea how solve it?