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28 Март 2020 - 11:29

Wow! Cool! :)

Now everything became clear with laposte.net which blocks some emails. But if you must start with RU page to register in loyalty programme, it's a bug in the site.

Try to clear cache/cookies in your browser and click this link: https://www.drweb.fr/user/?e=8b34942e-f721-4abc-bb29-0e856235f934

Click on "Moi + Drweb", Ajouter une licence au programme

Does it works? If not, please contact our TechSupport and provide a link to this topic.

Hello Dmitry_rus, :)
That's exactly what I said to support yesterday.
Indeed, as you indicate, I went through the Russian page, to be able to register my licenses.
Je tenais à te remercier pour ton aide Dmitry_rus :)
C'est gentil !!
Therefore, I was forced to change all of my email addresses entered on DrWeb sites.
I hope this problem will be quickly resolved, because I think that new users will not look as far as I do !! :)

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27 Март 2020 - 13:03

Je répond moi-même au problème ^^


Il ne faut pas utiliser d'adresse laposte.net (utilisé par des millions de personnes ^^) pour enregistrer votre licence, sinon vous ne serez pas en capacité d'avoir le lien vous permettant de vous inscrire au programme DrWeb+Me.

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27 Март 2020 - 12:59

Eureka !!
So there is a problem with the sites ... We cannot register via the page Fr.
You must go through the Ru page.
Do not use a "laposte.net" address
(Address provided by the national postal company)
really complicated, you have to really appreciate DrWeb to go through with the procedure.
So all potential French customers with a laposte.net email address will not be able to register for the program.

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27 Март 2020 - 12:50

Hmm... Strange issue. First of all, try to open a new ticket in TechSupport.

Hello Dmitry_rus,


Thank you for taking the time to answer me !! :)


I am trying to see where the problem is ... But it is not simple to juggle between sites in French, then English, then Russian ... I understand that many users throw in the towel.
I saw that one of the main email address provider in my country blocked some DrWeb email.
So I had to change the license registration emails.
And there, I realize that my son's license does not appear, while it is active since he uses it on his smartphone while waiting for the components so that I can build his PC for him.
I feel like it's a bit of a mess ^^

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22 Март 2020 - 17:02


я не уверен, что на машинах Windows, бесплатный антивирус с основными функциями принести больше защиты, чем встроенные механизмы защитника
That's right, Windows Defender becomes pretty good now. I'm afraid free AV with limited functionality is useless in this situation, just wasting developer's time. Thank you for your loyalty to the company 's products. :)



Привет, Дмитри_рус :)


Спасибо разработчикам DrWeb за их работу !! :)


Я сделал это программное обеспечение известным вокруг меня.Но, к сожалению, в моей стране не хватает "видимости".


DrWeb идеально подходит мне. Помимо качества программного обеспечения, никаких лишних модулей (очистка, менеджер паролей...) доступная поддержка с быстрыми ответами и хорошо поставленными тарифами. Некоторая непрерывность, не впадая в модные функции.


непрерывность позволяет делать фундаменты, фундаменты строить....Без фундамента все рушится ;)


Я тоже пользуюсь услугами Яндекса !! :)


( кстати, в настоящее время я использую инструмент перевода, пожалуйста, извините меня)


Thanks Dmitry_rus !! :)